Illustration vs. Painting

April 2, 2013/by tja

Exhibit A in the Decline and Fall of the “Art Elite”

January 12, 2013/by tja

pLog Pith XIII

December 31, 2012/by tja

Further Notes on “Netherland”

December 30, 2012/by tja

Notes on Copying Velázquez in the National Gallery

December 26, 2012/by tja

Enthrone Reason

December 23, 2012/by tja

Modes of Vision and Hybrid Images

October 31, 2012/by tja

pLog Pith XII

August 19, 2012/by tja

The Anthropologically Possible

August 19, 2012/by tja

Notes on The Practice of Oil Painting by Solomon J. Solomon

August 2, 2012/by tja

Satire: A Charlatan-Killing Silver Bullet

August 2, 2012/by tja

pLog Pith XI

July 21, 2012/by tja

The Obfuscation of Lazarus… and Subsequent Illuminations

July 14, 2012/by tja

Portrait of a Master Forger

July 14, 2012/by tja

One of My Top Ten Greatest Paintings of All Time

July 4, 2012/by tja

Notes on R.A.M. Stevenson’s Velázquez

June 26, 2012/by tja

pLog Pith X

June 26, 2012/by tja

“Du sollst werden, der du bist”

May 28, 2012/by tja

The Nerdrum Museum

April 9, 2012/by tja


April 1, 2012/by tja

pLog Pith IX

March 5, 2012/by tja

La Sfida della Semplicita’

February 17, 2012/by tja

Helpful Video on Photographing Artwork

February 8, 2012/by tja

My Notes on “Notes on the Science of Picture Making”

January 25, 2012/by tja

“A Figurative Painter, Literally Speaking”

January 8, 2012/by tja

Where is Odd Nerdrum?

January 1, 2012/by tja

Notes on Neo-Megilp

December 4, 2011/by tja

“Oiling Out”

November 28, 2011/by tja

Glazing ≠ Luminosity

October 31, 2011/by tja

The Holy Grail of Flesh Tones, Part II: Velazquez

October 9, 2011/by tja

Odd Nerdrum’s Ground

September 12, 2011/by tja

Scumbles on Shadows and Theories of Relativity

April 18, 2011/by tja

The Holy Grail for Painting Flesh Tones

April 16, 2011/by tja

pLog Pith VIII

April 10, 2011/by tja

Why Your Paint and Medium Sometimes Doesn’t Stick: The Beading on Your Canvas and How to Fix It

March 23, 2011/by tja

The Library of Velazquez

March 18, 2011/by tja
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