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  • Seeing is Believing: Caravaggio’s Conversion of Saul, Formal Analysis and Critical Thinking

    Seeing is Believing: Caravaggio’s Conversion of Saul, Formal Analysis and Critical Thinking

    I teach a 100 level on-site Art History class for The American University of Rome called Art of Rome.¹  I began teaching it in the Spring of 2007 and, as of this writing, have taught it every semester since.  It is, in essence, a hybrid of historical fact—names, dates, places and vocabulary—combined with a methodology designed […]

  • Exhibit A in the Decline and Fall of the “Art Elite”

    When Craft and Quality are smothered by Dogma: Kate Middleton’s Portrait.  

  • Modes of Vision and Hybrid Images

    Fascinating insights into “human visual recognition systems” passed on to me by a friend about a month ago: Many thanks, Sean!

  • The Anthropologically Possible

    The Anthropologically Possible

    500 pages in 3 days is possible (when on vacation).  To me, an absolute revelation.  A must read before the movie comes out.

  • The Library of Velazquez

    Often before I leave on a trip I print and assemble a packet of articles to read along the way.  In the Summer of 2010 I collected a series of essays and investigations on Velazquez.  These included: “Sargent after Velazquez” by Richard Ormond and Mary Pixley pulished in The Burlington Magazine in September of 2003; […]

  • “The Power of Mathematics”

    And I have to say, underlying everything that we’re talking about, in fact underlying everything I do with my entire life, pretty much, is a firm belief that mathematics is a sure-footed guide to how reality works. If that’s wrong, then all bets are off. –Brian Greene, Physicist, from a fascinating interview with Terry Gross […]

  • “By Going Wrong, I Began to Work Out How to Go Right”

    Today on the train ride back to Rome from Puglia I caught up on some podcast listening, including a Fresh Air episode featuring the writer, David Mitchell.  The title of the post is the quote from Mr. Mitchell early in the interview that quickly spun me into a time-traveling* train-ride rapture.  How divine when discussion […]

  • A Story About Jan

    Here is what happened: I just listened to the story on NPR about Plato, which mentions Pythagoras, which makes me think “Art = Math”, which makes me think Velazquez, then Las Meninas, then I remembered mentioning that in a short story I wrote while rafting through the Grand Canyon in 2008. Here is that story: […]

  • Pythagoras and Plato

    A musical message in the works of Plato?