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  • Further Notes on “Netherland”

    While speaking with the Maestro earlier tonight on Skype we spent some of the time discussing some of the finer points I made during the presentation I gave of Netherland from a few weeks back, and it occurred to me that I had failed to write any of it down.  It now occurs to me that […]

  • Cleopatra


    The first modestly large, layered-with-subtext, multi-figure painting was completed in the new studio on March 9th, 2012.  I am very pleased.  Finally.  

  • La Sfida della Semplicita’

    Tonight Giulia and I were admiring and discussing what I think is the nearly completed first great painting forged in the new studio.  I said to her: It’s the unexpected simplicity in this painting that I like so much—it’s the most from the least—made of simple improvisations I could have never planned.  That’s the trick […]

  • The Holy Grail of Flesh Tones, Part II: Velazquez

    The Holy Grail of Flesh Tones, Part II: Velazquez

    A funny thing happened the other day as I was googling through the web universe in search of greater enlightenment on flesh tones…

  • Scumbles on Shadows and Theories of Relativity

    Knowledge or skill is much more easily acquired if one has a definite use for it. —Charles H. Woodbury, N.A. from Painting and the Personal Equation, published in 1919.

  • The Holy Grail for Painting Flesh Tones

    Such a pronouncement isn’t just cause for a zealous quest, but is reason enough to headily believe that such a thing even exists.