Featured Work

Odyssey’s End

November 7, 2015/by tja

Rocca Calascio Sunset

Made in June, 2013 during a weekend painting workshop in Rocca…
April 4, 2015/by tja

Portrait Study of Raffaella

April 4, 2015/by tja

The Duchess

Begun in July of 2014 and completed November 7th shortly…
November 15, 2014/by tja

Self-Portrait at Age 43

October 22, 2014/by tja

Portrait of Arianna: A Seven-Hour Portrait from Life

June 21, 2014/by tja

Water and Graphite, Volume II: Figure Studies

Highlights from 2013
November 9, 2013/by tja

Portrait of My Uncle, Joseph P. Allen IV

My third attempt at the BP National Portrait Gallery competition…
October 22, 2013/by tja

Roman Sky

August 9, 2013/by tja


News Update, June 2013 Netherland was pre-selected for…
December 19, 2012/by tja

Copying Velázquez in the National Gallery

A gallery of images + a link to the notes I took before, during and after the experience....
January 12, 2012/by tja

Water and Graphite, Volume I

My experiments with water-soluble graphite in 2011 were a joyful surprise...
December 1, 2011/by tja

Sketches of Rome in Sepia

July 11, 2010/by tja

Villas of Rome, Volume I

All paintings made in the Summer of 2010 during a painting…
June 10, 2010/by tja


Of all the paintings made during my three week stay with Odd Nerdrum in his Studio in Norway in January of 2010, this one is the best.
January 19, 2010/by tja

Drawing with Morley

In the Spring of 2008 I had the great pleasure to accompany…
April 2, 2008/by tja


I remember this painting as the quintessential example…
April 29, 1998/by tja

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