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  • Book Note of the Day: the Importance of Instinct

    Book Note of the Day: the Importance of Instinct

    Velazquez, like every great artist, tempered his method with doses of instinct. —From Jonathan Brown and Carmen Garrido’s “Technique of Genius”, Yale University Press, 1998.

  • Notes on Copying Velázquez in the National Gallery

    Notes on Copying Velázquez in the National Gallery

    Notes on the notes: this post is long overdue!  My glorious trip to the National Gallery occurred almost one year ago and the following notes I took on my iPad before, during and after my time in the National Gallery.  I had put off publication mainly because I was going to accompany these notes with […]

  • Notes on R.A.M. Stevenson’s Velázquez

    Notes on R.A.M. Stevenson’s Velázquez

    Annotation Summary for: velasquez-RAM-stevenson Page 11: Cover Page 15: TOC Page 17: List of illustrations Page 21: Bibliography Page 25: Introduction Page 26: The true effect of art is slow. Page 26: The energy and eloquence of a Ruskin and the sympathetic comprehension of a whistler or Carolus-Duran are needed for Madrid. Page 27: Delacroix; […]

  • pLog Pith X

    pLog Pith X

    Where Velázquez is Grace, Caravaggio is Guts. Where Velázquez is Economy, Caravaggio is Ambiguity.

  • The Holy Grail of Flesh Tones, Part II: Velazquez

    The Holy Grail of Flesh Tones, Part II: Velazquez

    A funny thing happened the other day as I was googling through the web universe in search of greater enlightenment on flesh tones…

  • The Library of Velazquez

    Often before I leave on a trip I print and assemble a packet of articles to read along the way.  In the Summer of 2010 I collected a series of essays and investigations on Velazquez.  These included: “Sargent after Velazquez” by Richard Ormond and Mary Pixley pulished in The Burlington Magazine in September of 2003; […]

  • “Reconsidered, a Met Velázquez Is Vindicated”

    Article in the New York Times…

  • A Recent Look at Las Meninas

    A Spanish documentary interviews several local experts about the myths behind the masterpiece.  Worth watching for all you “V-philes”; my Italian helped me follow most  of it.

  • pLog Pith V

    pLog Pith V

    If you want Warhol walk the aisle of a supermarket If you want Koons watch VHS porn If you want Hirst visit the morgue But If you want Caravaggio build a bonfire in a cave If you want Velazquez plan a trip to the moon with a sliderule If you want da Vinci hike the […]

  • A Story About Jan

    Here is what happened: I just listened to the story on NPR about Plato, which mentions Pythagoras, which makes me think “Art = Math”, which makes me think Velazquez, then Las Meninas, then I remembered mentioning that in a short story I wrote while rafting through the Grand Canyon in 2008. Here is that story: […]

  • V for Velázquez

    I’ve begun reading the essays included in a catalog I picked up last May while visiting the Prado and so far the first one is truly fantastic (if only all art analysis were written with such grace and clarity!). The catalog is called Velázquez’s Fables and the first essay is entitled “Velázquez as History Painter: Rivalry, Eminence and […]

  • Discovery of a Velazquez at the Metropolitan

    Is it a self-portrait?