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Self-Portrait in the Bowels of Rome

Sometimes the only thing to do is hold on to those that keep you going. This was one of the very few self-portraits that survived my five-year stay in a bunker-like, hole-in-the-ground studio in Arco degli Acetari near Campo de' Fiori.
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Three Sisters

A comment carried over from the old website: Kareen wrote: Simply magnificent. Am privileged to have seen this one grow in different stages, and the finished product is superb.. The glows, the details. Very well done maestro. Date…
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Dad Playing Sudoku Facing Left

A comment carried over from the old website: Rebecca T. S. Morris wrote: Tim... This painting still makes my heart ache! -Rebecca Date 2009-07-08 15:06:26
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Dad Playing Sudoku Facing Right

  This painting was taken to London and presented for the 2008 BP National Portrait Gallery competition—My first attempt!  Sadly, it didn't make the cut. But any excuse to visit London is always a good one. Comments carried…
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Portrait of Stefania

Comment carried over from the old website: Urszula wrote: Hi Tim. I love this portrait. Besides the fact that it has all my favorite colors :) I love its directness, Stefania's expression, the shadows... I love it. Date 2008-10-12 14…