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Knight in an Evening Landscape

My second attempt at the National Portrait Gallery competition, which must have been for the 2012 competition.  Again rejected.  But in retrospect, not my best effort.  The portrait of my Dad is a much better painting. Here is…
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Copying Velázquez: Philip IV In Studio

Prior to traveling to the National Gallery in London to copy the painting in real life, I did a copy of it from a photograph.  Needless to say, I found the colors to be greatly different once I had the real thing in front of me. &nb…
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View of Paris

A footnote to my stay with Odd: the view of "Paris," his summer studio, as seen at night through the glass door of his winter studio.
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Portrait of Kaja

One of the many paintings made during my three week stay with Odd Nerdrum in his Studio in Norway in January of 2010.