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Self-Portrait in the Shadows

  Comment carried over from the old website: cass wrote: I love the feeling of being stared down by the artist. Self portraits hold the abyss of emotion and I enjoy staring back. This one is deliciously mysterious. Date 2008-10-18…
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I remember this painting as the quintessential example of a start that gave no hint of the coming finish.  Its antithesis is The Hunt; I sketched what I wanted and that's what it became.
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The Hunt

A comment by me pulled from the old website and originally written on October 12th,  2008, 19:03:39: A friend recently asked me, "what were you thinking when you did this?" Will a poem do? (The following poem was written in the…
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If Destiny Had Wings

A comment carried over from the old website by my friend Kipp: Brilliant! Still my favorite. Someone owns this painting, right? It really should be mine... Date 2010-07-02 16:38:23
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Painted in 1995, my first attempt at a full-size nude yielded a great anecdote of a painter in need of a model.