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Self-Portrait with Armor

August 21st, 2017: I was surprised to discover this missing in the collection of Self-Portraits. Always good to be reminded of what I loved when I started, to see the distance traveled, and to note that some things haven't changed.
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Self-Portrait at Age 42: A Caravaggio Palette

This is a self-portrait that I did during the course Caravaggio Part I: Flesh Illuminated.  It centered on a palette made exclusively of the following Williamsburg paints: Canton Rose; Italian Lemon Ochre; Italian Black Roman Earth; …
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Knight in an Evening Landscape

My second attempt at the National Portrait Gallery competition, which must have been for the 2012 competition.  Again rejected.  But in retrospect, not my best effort.  The portrait of my Dad is a much better painting. Here is…