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A Break in the Rain along the Tiber

The painting was started this past summer on a sunny July morning.  The initial result wasn’t satisfying, so a second onsite attempt was made to finish the painting, but it still didn’t turn out the way I would have liked.  I went back…
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Sundown: Landscapes of Rome and Puglia

Sundown I RomeSundown II RomeSundown III RomeSundown IV Rome(Clouds over Rome, from Life)Collection of T. JonesSundown V Rome Collection of T. JonesSundown VI RomeSundown VII NociSundown VIII NociSundown IX Noci(Clouds Over Noci, from…
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Villas of Rome, Volume I

*Villa Ada: Collection of Joseph and Angela RochlitzVilla BorgheseView of the Circus Maximus*La Caffarella: Private Collection All paintings made in the Summer of 2010 during a painting workshop entitled "The Villas of Rome - Painting…
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Lungotevere: Paintings and Drawings Along the Tiber

*Along the Tiber I*Along the Tiber IIView from Ponte Sisto Facing NorthView from Ponte Sisto Facing South "Along the Tiber I" and "Along the Tiber II," collection of Patricia Read Hunter.