Watercolors from Venice – 2023

The House Tintoretto

Da San Giorgio Guardando Santa Maria…
June 18, 2024/by tja

Il Ponte Rotto

June 14, 2024/by tja

Investigating Caravaggio: What Can Technical Analysis Tell us about Technique?

Investigating Caravaggio: What Can Technical Analysis Tell us…
May 6, 2024/by tja

Il Tempietto alla Prima

March 17, 2024/by tja

Umbrian Rain Clouds

March 15, 2024/by tja

V and His Mistress in Villa Borghese

March 15, 2024/by tja

Sunset Near the Laghetto

March 15, 2024/by tja

Un Prato in Villa Borghese

March 15, 2024/by tja

Coda (Portrait of Matilde)

December 23, 2023/by tja

Luna (Portrait of Lea)

September 4, 2023/by tja

Portrait of Livia

July 2, 2023/by tja


Twice from life, once from memory.
December 12, 2022/by tja

The Venetian

November 19, 2022/by tja

Painting the Portrait in Oil from Life at The American University of Rome

A look inside my painting class from the Spring semester, 2022.…
October 5, 2022/by tja

Induction into the Woodford County Public Schools Hall of Fame

On August 26th, 2022, I was honored and privileged to be an…
October 4, 2022/by tja
Late Morning Light in Villa Borghese

Late Morning Light in Villa Borghese

September 9, 2022/by tja

In the Studio, June 2022

Photo by Arianna B. My next painting of her is underway...…
September 9, 2022/by tja

Poppy Field on the Outskirts of Rome

September 9, 2022/by tja

Portrait of Anne N.

December 2, 2021/by tja

The Portrait of M. O.

Frame by Ercoli Cornici.
September 12, 2021/by tja

Zia Rossana

Painted from life in 15 sittings.
August 23, 2021/by tja

Portrait of Angela L.

Painted from life in 5 sittings.

* The ground is gold…
August 22, 2021/by tja

“The Cabinetmaker” on Display at the MEAM Museum in Barcelona

August 1, 2021/by tja

The Nightstand

February 24, 2021/by tja

Portrait of Mary and Robert

November 27, 2020/by tja

Head Study of an Italian Actor

If you would like to learn how I made this painting and…
November 14, 2020/by tja


October 13, 2020/by tja

Self-Portrait at Age 50

Below: a time-lapse video of me working on the underpai…
September 18, 2020/by tja

Marina in a Fur Hat

September 18, 2020/by tja

Watchmen of Rome on the Janiculum Hill

September 18, 2020/by tja

Leda’s Egg

September 18, 2020/by tja

The Cabinetmaker

September 10, 2020/by tja

Portrait of a Roman Actress

May 17, 2020/by tja

The Painter’s Daughter

April 29, 2020/by tja

A Look at the Student Painting Show from Spring 2019 at The American University of Rome

Published in the AUR YouTube channel April 2nd, 2020.
April 9, 2020/by tja

A Break in the Rain in Villa Borghese

December 7, 2019/by tja

Portrait of a Young Law Student

December 7, 2019/by tja

Caravaggio and the Art of Subversion Comes to Kentucky

August 31, 2019/by tja

Il Laghetto a Villa Borghese

May 24, 2019/by tja

Arianna in Profile

Below: the framed portrait.
March 6, 2018/by tja


The first portrait to be completed while following the strict diet of "white is light", instruction on the technique courtesy of Charles Weed.
March 6, 2018/by tja

The Arbor in Villa Sciara

December 7, 2017/by tja

Self-Portrait with Kingsley

A good companion to the "Self-Portrait with Armor". Both with the same hat; both under the watchful eye of the Maestro.
August 21, 2017/by tja

Self-Portrait with Armor

August 21st, 2017: I was surprised to discover this missing in the collection of Self-Portraits. Always good to be reminded of what I loved when I started, to see the distance traveled, and to note that some things haven't changed.
August 21, 2017/by tja

A Break in the Rain along the Tiber

The painting was started this past summer on a sunny July morning.…
June 4, 2017/by tja
Salome Oil Painting Full Size

Salome in Waiting

"Salome" is available for purchase, including the frame, if desired. If you are interested, please contact me.
January 4, 2017/by tja

The Dig

"The Dig" is available for purchase, including the frame, if desired. If you are interested, please contact me.
November 15, 2016/by tja

The Night Watch

"The Night Watch" is available for purchase, including the frame, if desired. If you are interested, please contact me.
October 20, 2016/by tja

Visit the Studio in VR

Be sure to watch the video on Chrome or Firefox. (It doesn't work on Safari.)
October 16, 2016/by tja

Boar Skull

October 7, 2016/by tja

Portrait of Roxanna

October 7, 2016/by tja

Discovery VR Atlas Italy

Thrilled to have been included in the first Discovery VR Atlas…
September 29, 2016/by tja

The Portrait of Zia Marisa

One way to limit the use of photography in the studio: draw from life, paint from the drawing.
July 22, 2016/by tja

Portrait of Joseph P. Allen IV Gifted to DePauw University

The portrait will hang in a hall of the beautiful Julian Science and Mathematics center. Many thanks to my Dad, my Uncle, Maestro, and the organizers at DePauw.
June 30, 2016/by tja

Photos from the Opening of “The Night Watch” on Facebook

View the gallery of images on my public Facebook page.
June 2, 2016/by tja

The Night Watch – Solo Exhibition – Opening Night, Saturday, May 21st

Update: a private viewing of the paintings is possible from July…
May 1, 2016/by tja

Odyssey’s End

November 7, 2015/by tja

Head Studies: 2005 – 2006

All made in the early days of 'the dungeon'.
November 7, 2015/by tja

The Turpin Family

November 7, 2015/by tja

Figure Drawings: 2007 – 2008

November 7, 2015/by tja

Some Portrait Studies: 2007 – 2009

The subjects: Stefania, Neil, Elizabeth, Paula and Marcello.…
November 7, 2015/by tja

Sepia and Watercolor in Puglia from 2010

November 7, 2015/by tja

Watercolors from the Grand Canyon

I'm finally getting around to bringing over all remaining images…
November 7, 2015/by tja

Painting En Plein Air with Julian Merrow-Smith

October 27, 2015/by tja

Portrait of Saga alla Prima

Those of you with me for Figure Drawing on Thursdays at the…
August 7, 2015/by tja

Sunset at Rocca Calascio

Made in June, 2013 during a weekend painting workshop in Rocca…
April 4, 2015/by tja

Portrait Study of Raffaella

April 4, 2015/by tja

The Duchess

The Duchess was pre-selected for the National Gallery…
November 15, 2014/by tja

The Portrait of Andreina

October 23, 2014/by tja

Three-Hour Figure Studies from 2013

The following works were made as demonstrations during my 3-hour…
October 23, 2014/by tja

Self-Portrait at Age 43

October 22, 2014/by tja

Portrait of Arianna: A Seven-Hour Portrait from Life

June 21, 2014/by tja

Graduate Show – 1998

A mix of media from the show.
May 15, 2014/by tja

Portrait of Arianna

Watch a time-lapse video of the seven-hour, three-day pr…
May 9, 2014/by tja

Return to Olympus

Time again with Odd in Norway.
March 11, 2014/by tja


November 9, 2013/by tja

Figure Drawing Highlights: 2013

November 9, 2013/by tja

Water and Graphite, Volume II: Figure Studies

Highlights from 2013
November 9, 2013/by tja

Portrait of My Uncle, Joseph P. Allen IV

My third attempt at the BP National Portrait Gallery competition…
October 22, 2013/by tja

Roman Sky

August 9, 2013/by tja

Figure Drawing Diary

A nearly unabridged collection of figure drawings that spans my entire career: from 1991 to present. Pictured left, an image from my life drawing experience at the Royal Academy in London in January of 2012. Many thanks to Julie Jackson.
July 15, 2013/by tja

Head Studies from 2013

The following works were made as demonstrations during my 3-hour…
June 1, 2013/by tja

Song for the Dying Fish

March 19, 2013/by tja

Copying Van Dyck

A quick step-by-step on how I went about copying this gem, located in the National Gallery in London.
December 21, 2012/by tja

Netherland: Behind the Scenes

Watch a time-lapse video on the evolution of "Netherland."
December 20, 2012/by tja


News Update, June 2013

Netherland was pre-selected for the for…
December 19, 2012/by tja

Giulia with an Earring

Made during a PADASOR portrait painting class.
November 9, 2012/by tja

Portrait of Beatrice

September 9, 2012/by tja

Portrait of a Young Italian

June 12, 2012/by tja

Self-Portrait at Age 42: A Caravaggio Palette

This is a self-portrait that I did during the course Caravaggio…
June 12, 2012/by tja

Three Self-Portraits: Three Ways to Paint

Control your edges to find the air.
May 12, 2012/by tja



The time that passed from start to finish was almost…
February 12, 2012/by tja

Copying Velázquez in the National Gallery

A gallery of images + a link to the notes I took before, during and after the experience....
January 12, 2012/by tja

Painting On Site

December 9, 2011/by tja

Water and Graphite, Volume I

My experiments with water-soluble graphite in 2011 were a joyful surprise...
December 1, 2011/by tja

Knight in an Evening Landscape

My second attempt at the National Portrait Gallery competition,…
November 9, 2011/by tja

Pontifex Maximus: Drawings of the Bridges in Rome

October 12, 2011/by tja

Copying Velázquez: Philip IV In Studio

Prior to traveling to the National Gallery in London to copy…
September 26, 2011/by tja

View of the Caffarella

August 23, 2011/by tja

The Temple

Tempio I, 1998Tempio II, 1998Tempio III, 2011Tempio IV, 2011

August 1, 2011/by tja