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Portrait of Joseph P. Allen IV Gifted to DePauw University

On June 11th, 2016 the Portrait of My Uncle, Joseph P. Allen IV was gifted to DePauw University and will hang in a hall of the beautiful Julian Science and Mathematics center.  The official unveiling was followed by a presentation of Joe Allen’s travels into space aboard the space shuttle Challenger and Discovery in 1982 and 1984 respectively.

My sincere thanks to all who attended, including President-Elect Dr. McCoy, and a very special thank you to my Maestro, Prof. Robert Kingsley, and the man behind the curtain, my Dad, Dr. David T. Allen.  Thank you also to DePauw’s Nancy Lovett for her impeccable hospitality and her ‘major gift’ to Grace Caroline.

The first gallery below are pictures taken by DePauw photographer Linda Striggo.  The second gallery includes pictures from the unveiling, from the informal presentation given the day before, and, the Allen Family in Putnam County given at the Putnam County Museum the day before that.

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  1. Cheryl Garst
    Cheryl Garst says:

    Your uncle, Joseph p. Allen, is forever in my heart. I met him in 2002 at the launch of STS113. Al Bishop introduced me to him. Al Bishop orchestrated VIP shuttle launch experiences. I also personally know your uncles CPA Jim Ullrich which also attended the launch of STS113. My husband worked for Jim for awhile. Not sure this is possible but please tell him hi and send our love from Steve & Cheryl Garst.

      • Cheryl Garst
        Cheryl Garst says:

        I filled out the information on the contact link you provided. I also put in there I worked for Dr. David Norton at the time of the STS113 launch. Joe and Dr. Norton worked together when the space shuttle was in the design phase. Dr. Norton was an Aerospace Engineer Professor at Texas A&M University at the time he worked with Joe. Please let Joe know David Norton is still doing well and I’m in contact with him.

        Thank you again for the opportunity to reconnect with Joe. Such an honor concerning his portrait. One of these days we need to make a trip up there to see the museum and to see his portrait.



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