Coda (Portrait of Matilde)

December 23, 2023/by tja

Luna (Portrait of Lea)

September 4, 2023/by tja

Portrait of Livia

July 2, 2023/by tja


December 12, 2022/by tja

Portrait of Anne N.

December 2, 2021/by tja

The Portrait of M. O.

September 12, 2021/by tja

Zia Rossana

August 23, 2021/by tja

Portrait of Angela L.

August 22, 2021/by tja

Head Study of an Italian Actor

November 14, 2020/by tja


October 13, 2020/by tja

Marina in a Fur Hat

September 18, 2020/by tja

Portrait of a Roman Actress

May 17, 2020/by tja

The Painter’s Daughter

April 29, 2020/by tja

Portrait of a Young Law Student

December 7, 2019/by tja

Arianna in Profile

March 6, 2018/by tja


March 6, 2018/by tja

Portrait of Roxanna

October 7, 2016/by tja

The Portrait of Zia Marisa

July 22, 2016/by tja

Portrait of Joseph P. Allen IV Gifted to DePauw University

June 30, 2016/by tja

Portrait of Saga alla Prima

August 7, 2015/by tja

The Duchess

November 15, 2014/by tja

The Portrait of Andreina

October 23, 2014/by tja

Portrait of Arianna: A Seven-Hour Portrait from Life

June 21, 2014/by tja

Portrait of Arianna

May 9, 2014/by tja

Portrait of My Uncle, Joseph P. Allen IV

October 22, 2013/by tja

Giulia with an Earring

November 9, 2012/by tja

Portrait of Beatrice

September 9, 2012/by tja

Portrait of a Young Italian

June 12, 2012/by tja

The Portrait of Anna

October 31, 2009/by tja

The Portrait of Marcello Barbanera

April 7, 2009/by tja

Three Sisters

January 29, 2009/by tja

Dad Playing Sudoku Facing Left

January 11, 2008/by tja

Dad Playing Sudoku Facing Right

January 10, 2008/by tja

The Portrait of Elizabeth Cardinale

November 29, 2007/by tja

Fayum Portrait of Silvia

October 31, 2007/by tja

The Portrait of Neil Hunter

August 29, 2007/by tja

Portrait of Stefania

May 21, 2007/by tja

The Portrait of Angela Provenzano

October 29, 2006/by tja


June 28, 1998/by tja

Portrait of Erica

April 29, 1998/by tja

Self-Portrait as a Shadow

April 27, 1998/by tja


February 28, 1998/by tja

Rae Asleep

August 6, 1997/by tja


August 6, 1997/by tja


May 21, 1996/by tja


November 29, 1995/by tja


October 29, 1995/by tja


May 7, 1995/by tja

The Portrait of Susan Coller

April 6, 1995/by tja

The Studio of Alix Bailey

October 25, 1994/by tja
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