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The Temple

Tempio I, 1998Tempio II, 1998Tempio III, 2011Tempio IV, 2011 Tempio I, Oil on PaperTempio II, Oil on PaperTempio III, Water-Soluble Graphite on PaperTempio IV, Water-Soluble Graphite on Paper One of my favorite places in Rome to paint…
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Villas of Rome, Volume I

*Villa Ada: Collection of Joseph and Angela RochlitzVilla BorgheseView of the Circus Maximus*La Caffarella: Private Collection All paintings made in the Summer of 2010 during a painting workshop entitled "The Villas of Rome - Painting…
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Pages from a Roman Summer Sketchbook

Drawings from from my summer sketchbook of 2009; made while teaching "Italian Sketchbook" for The American University of Rome.
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Drawing with Morley

In the Spring of 2008 I had the great pleasure to accompany Morley Safer on some drawing excursions.  The conversations easily beat the scenery we chose to sketch (and remember, we were in Rome).