Timothy Joseph Allen Included as a ‘Featured Artist’ on the Michael Harding Website

I’ve been using Michael Harding paints for as long as I can remember–close to two decades–and when I teach I insist that my students use the same as well.

My preference for Michael Harding paints is a combination of three factors: the consistency of the paint is ‘Goldilocks’ (not too thin, not too thick); the technical specs he provides regarding drying time, oil content, opacity and lightfastness is essential in helping me fully understand my materials and plan my process; his appreciation of the power the Old Masters had with a limited palette assures me that he always strives for the best quality, be they common colors like his ochres, umbers, and blacks or his exotic colors like Vermilion, Lead-Tin Yellow and Stack Lead White.

My sincere thanks to Michael and his team for including me on their web page of featured artists. I’m looking forward to many more years of great paint!

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