Draw what you see, not what you know.

Easier said than done.  But possible.

Working from life is the best way to calibrate the way we see and how we translate that vision to a two-dimensional surface.  Much is at stake—space, time, expectation, self-confidence—but the rules that accompany the risk make progress possible.

Whether it is working from a still-life, a classical bust, a reflection in the mirror or a live model, the options are limited only by your interest and engagement.

I charge €30 an hour for lessons in studio and usually recommend at least two hours per lesson.  Note: all model fees are also covered by the student.

For lessons on-site (like painting alla prima), I charge €40 an hour and usually recommend at least three hours per lesson.

If you are interested in private lessons in either drawing or painting, please contact me.

Else, if you would prefer group lessons, please visit The Painting & Drawing Art Studio of Rome website.