The Pigment Compendium on Google Books

If you are doing research on unfamiliar names of pigments, then this is the resource you need:

The Pigment Compendium by Nicholas Eastuagh, Valentine Walsh, Tracey Chaplin and Ruth Siddall.

“Flesh Spheres”

In January of 2014 I made my second trip to visit Odd in Norway.  It was during that visit that I first met the Italian painter, Roberto Calò, and together we began experimenting with underpainting, flesh tones and color temperature (including the turbid medium effect), through a series of spheres.

I would now call those “flesh spheres,” and they are something I continue to experiment with.

For obvious reasons, I was pleased to discover this article published on the Artists Network, which first appeared in the Artist Magazine in September, 2015:

Painting fleshtones, written by Koo Schadler.

The National Gallery Technical Bulletin: Sir Joshua Reynolds

Technical Bulletin Volume 35

This special edition is dedicated to the paintings of Joshua Reynolds in the National Gallery and the Wallace Collection.