“J. M. W. Turner and other English artists of his generation relied on the development of innovative gels. “

"To paint quickly while creating exceptional texture and volume effects, J. M. W. Turner and other English artists of his generation relied on the development of innovative gels."
January 26, 2017/by tja

The Pigment Compendium on Google Books

If you are doing research on unfamiliar names of pigments, then…
October 24, 2016/by tja

“Flesh Spheres”

In January of 2014 I made my second trip to visit Odd in Norway.…
October 16, 2016/by tja

The National Gallery Technical Bulletin: Sir Joshua Reynolds

This special edition is dedicated to the paintings of Joshua Reynolds in the National Gallery and the Wallace Collection.
October 10, 2016/by tja

Titian’s Secret Revealed

"He was simply better than anyone else."
October 10, 2016/by tja

“Painter’s Palettes from Historical Writings”

A just-discovered great new resource by Patricia Railing.
September 20, 2016/by tja

A Poem from 1762

—The diſtinguish'd part of Men
With Compaſs, Pencil, sword,…
August 12, 2015/by tja

A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings Online

For those familiar with Ernst van de Wetering's Rembrandt - The…
May 12, 2015/by tja

Caravaggio’s Contarrelli Chapel in High-Res and Head-On

If you visit the Contarelli Chapel in Rome's San Luigi dei Francesi,…
January 17, 2015/by tja

“Aesthetics Have Nothing to Do with It.”

Nowadays the charlatans say it straight to your face.
November 30, 2014/by tja

From Odd Nerdrum to Igor Stravinsky and a Favorite Quote on the Creative Process

I have a recent habit of saving a variety of essays, forums…
November 29, 2014/by tja

“The Four Techniques for Illusion and Volume”

For those out there like myself interested in technical art history,…
October 11, 2014/by tja

Rubens: How to Price a Painting

For one evaluates pictures differently from tapestries. The latter…
May 20, 2014/by tja

Seeing is Believing: Caravaggio’s Conversion of Saul, Formal Analysis and Critical Thinking

I teach a 100 level on-site Art History class for The American…
April 17, 2014/by tja

Is Burnt Umber Evil?

Some time back in 2012 I read Virgil Elliot's Traditional Oil…
October 8, 2013/by tja

pLog Pith XIV

Dogma is the illusion of power.

Craft is the power to create…
May 9, 2013/by tja

Illustration vs. Painting

Decades ago this would often come up in discussion with Maestro:…
April 2, 2013/by tja

Exhibit A in the Decline and Fall of the “Art Elite”

When Craft and Quality are smothered by Dogma: Kate Middleton's…
January 12, 2013/by tja

pLog Pith XIII

Religion requires the suspension of Reason.

Little Good is…
December 31, 2012/by tja

Further Notes on “Netherland”

While speaking with the Maestro earlier tonight on Skype we spent…
December 30, 2012/by tja

Notes on Copying Velázquez in the National Gallery

Notes on the notes: this post is long overdue!  My glorious…
December 26, 2012/by tja

Enthrone Reason

December 23, 2012/by tja

Modes of Vision and Hybrid Images

Fascinating insights into "human visual recognition systems"…
October 31, 2012/by tja

pLog Pith XII

Where there is Dogma, there is a Devil.


August 19, 2012/by tja

The Anthropologically Possible

500 pages in 3 days is possible (when on vacation).  To me,…
August 19, 2012/by tja

Notes on The Practice of Oil Painting by Solomon J. Solomon

Annotation Summary for: Practice of Oil painting by Solomon…
August 2, 2012/by tja

Satire: A Charlatan-Killing Silver Bullet

The best look at Modern Art I've seen since Tom Wolfe's The Painted…
August 2, 2012/by tja

pLog Pith XI

Dogma empowers the Charlatans.

Craft empowers the Sincere…
July 21, 2012/by tja

The Obfuscation of Lazarus… and Subsequent Illuminations

This past Sunday, July 8th, I went to see the newly restored…
July 14, 2012/by tja

Portrait of a Master Forger

July 14, 2012/by tja

One of My Top Ten Greatest Paintings of All Time

Worth the journey ten times over.

The Beheading of John the…
July 4, 2012/by tja

Notes on R.A.M. Stevenson’s Velázquez

Annotation Summary for: velasquez-RAM-stevenson
Page 11:

June 26, 2012/by tja

pLog Pith X

Where Velázquez is Grace, Caravaggio is Guts.

Where Velázquez…
June 26, 2012/by tja

“Du sollst werden, der du bist”


Many thanks to Charles for his gracious hospitality…
May 28, 2012/by tja

The Nerdrum Museum

A comprehensive collection and an exquisite presentation, showing…
April 9, 2012/by tja
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