1. All paintings and/or drawings will be referred to here with as “Artworks” or “Artwork”.  Timothy Joseph Allen is the “Seller” and you, the purchaser, are the “Buyer”.
  2. Anyone Buyer opting to buy an Artwork either in the normal online store or via an auction, is responsible for paying for the Artwork, the taxes and the shipping.
  3. All Artworks will be sent within 7 days of purchase.
  4. If any Artwork is damaged during delivery, please take a picture within 24 hours of receipt and send it to tja at americanartistinrome dot com.  An assessment will be made of the damage and a solution offered.  If the solution does not meet your needs, the Artwork may be sent back for a full refund, not including the shipping to return the Artwork.
  5. A Buyer has 48 hours after receipt to decide if they wish to keep the Artwork.  If they wish to pursue a refund, the Buyer must:
    1. Contact the Seller at tja at americanartistinrome dot com informing him of this decision.
    2. Mail the Artwork back within 7 days of its receipt.
    3. Upon receipt of the Artwork and confirmation that the Artwork is in good condition, the Seller will reimburse the money to the Buyer via PayPal or money wire.